Friday, January 31, 2014

Volusion 2014 - Try it for FREE

Volusion is one of the most popular "one-stop online business" solutions on the internet. 

The reason why Volusion is so popular is because its easy to use and has a lot of "bang for the buck."

If you are a small to medium size company, than setting up a website using their services is the right solution for you. 

Easy to use interfaces, dashboards, free templates, support, and daily deals is why this company has


The costs are monthly and depends on what time of services you want (depending on how large your company is).

The pricing depends on the type of features you want and how much monthly data transfer you use.  Each plan has phone support. The highest plan is the Platinum plan and costs around $195 a month.  However, one of the best value plans is $125 (Gold plan).

The dashboard consists of a graphical interface that shows information about sales, web-traffic, and conversions. 

A down-side is that the information isn't that useful, which limits your ability to test conversions and other tactics.

Fraud Protection

One of the cool features is the fraud alert.  Volusion keeps track of payments and "rates" each transaction with a fraud score.  The feature costs extra, but is worth the extra security.

One of the best parts about using Volusion is their easy to use templates.  All their templates are customizable and one can pay for extra features based on the specific customizations. 


Volusions support is top of the notch and customers can receive 24/7 support for free.  However, priority goes to plans that are "Gold", or higher. 

Overall, we rate Volusion an 8/10. 

Try out Volusion for 14 days for FREE

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